International Men’s Day Webinar – The New Modern Masculinity

Thursday, 19th November 2020 at 2:00PM
Gabriel Martín, Managing Director, Accenture (Spain)

What is the new Modern Masculinity? How can we make the shift towards it and why is it so important in the corporate world? For International Men’s Day 2020, we speak to Gabriel Martín, Managing Director at Accenture in Madrid about his passion for equality and inclusion in the workplace, the shift that he has seen in recent months towards a new modern masculinity and what we can all be doing to engage more Male Agents of Change. Join this webinar to hear: 

What Modern Masculinity means and how it has developed over time 

  • The importance of modern masculinity in the workplace 
  • What impact the events of 2020 so far have had on the diversity and inclusion conversation  
  • How to become, or engage, male agents of change going forward 


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