Coffee Break: Why are women still doing more housework, and how can we change this during and post lockdown?

Thursday, 29th April 2021 at 10:30AM
Why it's time to come clean about who's doing the dishes...

In this month's coffee break, we'll be diving into the thorny issue of the housework gender gap. According to reports, the global pandemic has further deepened existing domestic inequalities — with women in heterosexual relationships carrying far more of the burden of housework, family chores, childcare and homeschooling than their male partners. To unravel the issues and look at how we change the status quo, the everywoman team will be joined by special guests including journalist Sally Howard, author of The Home Stretch: Why the Gender Revolution Stalled at the Kitchen Sink; and, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, PhD student Priyanshi Chauhan, whose research focuses on employed women in India during lockdown, and their experiences of the burden of unpaid work.

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