The 5 main drivers of stress and how to avoid them

Work-related stress has reached epidemic proportions, with one study showing that 79%* of us experience moderate to high levels of professional stress. Common culprits include excessive workload, lack of support, communication issues, and a sense of diminished control. In this session, you will uncover the five behaviours that lie at the root of your stress and gain valuable insights into how these triggers manifest at work. Led by everywoman expert Emma Pennycard, you’ll learn practical strategies to proactively manage and reduce stress, which can be of benefit to you and your colleagues.

Key takeaways:

Identify the five main stress drivers that may be affecting you.
Understand how your stress drivers influence your behaviour and reactions.
Learn actionable strategies to leverage your working style for optimal performance and stress management.

*Source: The Workplace Health Report 2024 by Champion Health

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