Scaling Product and Building a High Performing Team: WhatsApp’s Product Director Shares Her Journey & Tips for Success

Building a strong product team has never been more important than today.  At the end of March, WhatsApp reported an overall global surge of 40% in users – a figure which has continued to rise, creating opportunities for WhatsApp and many other companies. Alice Newton-Rex, Product Director for WhatsApp joins us to discuss her career journey, her tips for building a high performing team and her thoughts on culture. Alice’s career has revolved around product development, having spent five years as Chief Product Officer at fast-growing start-up WorldRemit, where she joined as their first product manager, and helped grow the company from 40 people to over 900, and the user base from thousands to millions before joining WhatsApp in 2019. Join us for this interactive webinar to discover:
  • Alice’s journey from Product Manager to Product Director
  • How to build the right product culture for your team/organisation
  • How to keep innovating at any size of organisation
  • How to build the leadership skills in your toolkit

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