Rediscovering your passion – understanding where you can add value to your business as an entrepreneur

Susan Ann Hills has enjoyed a portfolio career across media, health and business.  She is an innovator and an entrepreneur; a coach/mentor; author and a speaker. 13 years ago, after deciding that she “never wanted to ask an employer for annual leave again”, she quit her career as a senior manager in the NHS and bought a start-up home care franchise. With very little support or structure in the early days, Susan taught herself what she needed to know, learning many tough lessons along the way. However, in 2014, midway through her entrepreneurial journey, she found that she’d fallen out of love with her business. After an extended period of self-reflection, she rediscovered what brought her alive. As a result, in 2018 Sue’s care business was awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Quality Care Commission and in early 2019, following a successful pilot with the local authority, Susan was instrumental in launching a revolutionary new care service to the care sector on behalf of the franchisor. She is now launching a new business for aspirational women in mid-life and making the most of the lockdown by writing her ebook. Susan has a passion for personal leadership and firmly believes that without understanding and ‘leading’ ourselves, we will struggle to effectively lead others.

In this thought-provoking webinar Susan talked us through her journey of rediscovery and lessons learnt including:

  • How to find the aspects you love in your business
  • Discovering where you can best serve your business and which areas you should outsource
  • The importance of self-leadership

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