Orchestrating your career – balancing internal and external engagement

Jill Pringle is CEO and founder of Brand Symphony Marketing. She’s also a published author and classically trained singer. Starting her career as a Marketing Executive at a large corporate, Jill will share how she worked her way up from the bottom of the ladder to senior leadership – the knockbacks she received along the way, the frustrating sideways moves that ended up being the best thing she ever did, and the realisation that how she saw herself was what was holding her back. Jill will give advice on how to make the transition from ‘doer’ to leader, in your own mind as well as the mind of others. Jill will also share how she found parallels with her musical training and her career in marketing, and how some of the things you do outside of work, may end up being the best bits you bring to work, without you knowing it.

In this session you will gain insight into:

  • How to make the transition from doer to leader
  • Letting go of old personas to be successful in the next one
  • The importance of gaining internal engagement as well as external
  • learning to orchestrate marketing across different parts of the business for it to work.


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