everywoman & Phoenix Group: Exploring imposter syndrome

Coined by psychologists in a 1978 study, imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It is said to disproportionately affect women, who are more likely than men to report feeling that they’re about to get ‘found out’ or that they are not worthy of their successes, accolades and promotions. Join this session to hear how our amazing panel of high-achieving women have navigated their own experiences with imposter syndrome — discover how they’ve bolstered their confidence, embraced their positions as role models and are using their influence to build inclusive, purposeful teams.

Joining everywoman’s Seema Bennett (Commercial Director) and Phoenix Group’s Rebecca Wainwright (Director of Strategy, Planning & Project Delivery) and Claire Hawkins (Director of Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations).

Rebecca Wainwright is passionate about piecing together the organisational jigsaw and leading great teams. Alongside work, Rebecca balances being a mum, weightlifting participant and an avid Crossfit fan! 

Claire Hawkins is responsible for challenging the delivery of Phoenix Group’s purpose and strategy, as well as leading on sustainability and brand strategies.  


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