everywomanLeadership Series: In Conversation with Sheridan Ash

In the first of our new series of everywomanLeadership webinars, everywomanAmbassador and gender diversity champion Sheridan Ash shared her unconventional career journey, her passion for getting more girls into tech and her reflections on what it takes to succeed in business.

How does an undiagnosed dyslexic, who drops out of school at 16 with no qualifications, go on to become Director of Technology and Investments at PwC?

Listen to the webinar recording to hear how this inspirational woman, a single mother in her early 20’s, turned her life around by investing in her own education after the birth of her son. Acquiring first ‘A’ levels, a degree and eventually an MBA, at Imperial College Business School which is when she first got interested in technology.

Today Sheridan is a passionate campaigner for getting more girls into tech careers,  founding the TechSheCan Charter  in 2018. There are now 158 organisations signed up to the Charter to further technology careers for women and the female-friendly technology curriculum ‘Tech We Can’ developed for school children is currently being used in over 200 schools and growing daily.

Anyone who ever doubted they were the architect of their own life will love listening to Sheridan tell her story.

Please do share this link with colleagues and friends you think would enjoy listening to Sheridan’s inspiring story, and especially with any young woman or girl you know who is uncertain about what to do next, which career to embark on or wondering whether she really can go on to be successful in business. 

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