Becoming a more assertive version of yourself

The most influential kind of communication is assertive. It’s calm, honest, and confident and results in win-win outcomes and being seen as leadership material. But it’s not always easy to achieve. In this webinar, we’ll delve deeper into what it means to be assertive, and how you can communicate more assertively in various scenarios. We’ll look at how you can protect your boundaries, maintain your assertiveness even when having difficult conversations, and how you can speak up in meetings with greater comfort. If you’ve ever battled with boundaries, giving constructive feedback or advocating for yourself, this practical session is a must.


Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone who feels they could benefit from being more assertive, or who battles with boundaries.

Key takeaways?

  • Discover what assertive communication is.
  • Learn how to set boundaries.
  • Tools and strategies for bringing assertive communication techniques to everyday interactions.


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