Voices of experience: switching off

From letting off steam over a glass of wine to watching the ballet, our everywomanClub members tell us how they switch off at the end of the day and why you should too.

De-stressing and pursuing personal interests is essential to achieving work-life balance and getting the most out of yourself. Ultimately, the more refreshed you feel the more energy you’ll have. It’s a win-win, but juggling commitments means it sometimes goes amiss.

To start building some ‘me time’ into your life, get guidance from senior business women in the everywomanClub and discover how they switch off.


Claire Scott-Priestly, Partner, Squire Sanders

“It’s important be able to learn how to come down after the crazy stress of the day.”


Angela Hamlin, Managing Director, The Draycoll Group

“I think it’s incredibly important to have other interests.”


Lyn Cecil, CEO, The Plus Team

“The healthier, the fitter and more energetic I feel – the better the company does.”


Alina Addison, MD – Debt fund management, NM Rothschild

“By the time my children go to bed, my sanctuary is a bath!”


Claire Scott-Priestly, Partner, Squire Sanders

 “Pilates – a fabulous way to unwind”

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