Vanessa Byrnes on staying calm & mentors outside her industry

Over the last 14 years, everywomanClub member Vanessa Byrnes has held a number of roles within Alexander Mann Solution (AMS), including Global Account Director, Practice Director for Telecommunications & Enterprise and Director of People Capital.

Mentors have played an important role in Vanessa’s career, and she advises everyone to find a role model. Look outside your organisation or even your industry if necessary; pick someone you respect and ask them to help guide you. Don’t be afraid – it’s very flattering to be asked to mentor someone more junior than you!

One of Vanessa’s biggest influences was her father.

He ran his own business and as a little girl she observed him always putting his customers at the heart of everything he did. She recalls Christmases where he’d get into the car to rush off and sort out a customer’s problem.

Her younger self was insecure, Vanessa recalls: “I was operating in a very male-dominated environment and that manifested in me having a tougher and more aggressive engagement style. I’ve since learnt to be authentic and sometimes show (my) vulnerability.”

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