Rebecca George OBE on negotiating & networking for success

It can be a fine balancing act to confidently promote your achievements; Rebecca George OBE shares her top tips for increasing your visibility in the workplace – without feeling uncomfortable. 

everywoman Ambassador Rebecca George OBE moved to Deloitte as a partner in 2006 after 20 successful years working at IBM, and is a keen advocate of increasing the participation of women in the IT industry.

In her Voices Of Experience edition, Rebecca shares her thoughts on how women can propel themselves forwards in the workplace.

On negotiation

The gender pay gap in IT currently sits at 22%. Rebecca feels sure that a lot of this comes down to men’s confidence in negotiating higher salaries, and women’s reluctance to do so.

On networking

Men are far more likely than women to spend up to 10% of their working week on networking activities. Rebecca has learned that stepping away from your desk and taking time to increase your visibility is crucial for forging ahead.

On confidence

Selling yourself is important, but it’s essential to do this in a way that you feel comfortable with. Send an email congratulating your team, but copy in your boss; this is a way of demonstrating your management skills, but in a more tactful manner than just saying “I’m great – look at what my being in charge achieves”.

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