Melissa Di Donato on the wealth of opportunity in technology, letting go and male mentors

The technology sector welcomes the restless and that’s why Melissa Di Donato, Vice President of Salesforce Europe, feels at home. The American-born business leader speaks to everywoman about motherhood, the magic of the technology industry and mentors. Watch her insightful video interview to uncover some powerful career insights.

Technology is a sector that embraces change and welcomes leadership

Individuals unfazed by evolving environments and willing to guide the masses will thrive in the technology industry, especially if you are business minded.

‘If you’re coupled with entrepreneurial spirit in the technology field,’ she adds, ‘then the world really is your Oyster. You can do whatever it is that you want.’

Letting go is the key to a balanced life

When perfectionism takes hold, remember that you can’t fulfil every role to its full potential. Whether you identify as a mother, sister, team leader or CEO, it’s OK to let one of those go for a moment to make sure your goals – at home or work – are being met. For Melissa, it helps her balance her home and work life, ensuring she’s at home when she’s needed.

‘I cannot be a great mum and a great leader and a great chef and a great wife 100% of the time all the time,’ she says. ‘We’ve got to make decisions and priorities.’

Diverse mentors = diverse mind-set

Take advice from people unlike you, Melissa says, to gain a new perspective. While it’s tempting to find a mentor you identify with immediately, branching out and finding a male mentor can help you see things from a completely different viewpoint. She urges ‘women out there to make sure they have different types of mentors and not just exclusively women.’

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