Melanie Eusebe on being confident, female role models & managing stress

everywomanClub member Melanie Eusebe talks intimately with us, recalling how illness actually became the most pivotal moment in her career and the female role models that have inspired her to “turn passion into profit”.

Melanie has been a Management Consultant at both IBM and Ernst & Young and has over 15 years’ experience in the digital and financial services industries, specialising in transformation strategies for global organisations.

Melanie freely admits she has never had an issue with confidence. Her mother’s favourite story is when she came to collect her from school and found the young Melanie leading the other kids in the playground into all pretending to be in a brass band! And if there’s something that she doesn’t know, she is comfortable in saying “I know enough, but I don’t know this”.

Being so busy, she often finds it hard to switch off.

Melanie’s key tool to managing her stress and bouts of insomnia is a notepad on her bedside table. Once she’s written down whatever she’s mulling over, it helps her get to sleep without worrying she’ll forget by the morning.

Her key advice to other career women is: “Don’t be afraid to change; what we are today isn’t where we will necessarily be in 20 years”. Whether this is to do with family, business direction or passions, don’t limit yourself by refusing to consider other options.

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