everywomanClub voices of experience: leading powerful teams

Voice of Experience: Leading powerful teams

From creating that feel good factor to being understanding, our everywomanClub members share what it takes to lead a powerful team.

It takes a special set of attributes to ensure your team is content and performing at its best. In this informative video we gain a useful insight from top business women from the everywomanClub.

Mitzie Almquist, Chief Leadership Officer, Gap International Inc.

“What makes a powerful team is alignment. Alignment to each other and what you value.”


Nazy Vassegh, CEO, Masterpiece London

“In order to have those winning ingredients, you need a core team that pulls together.”


Clare Irvin, Editor-in-chief Bauer

“A great leader listens to everybody.”


Nina Wright, Managing Director, UBM Live Built Environment

“Nothing is more powerful than laughter, enjoying what you’re doing and who you’re working with.”

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