Emma McGuigan on why technology industries need more women & girls

As a young child it was drummed into Emma McGuigan that her gender played no part whatsoever in what future career she would one day choose to pursue. Now the Managing Director of Technology at Accenture, she is more passionate than ever about attracting females into what continues to be a male-dominated industry.

“More than 50% of all technology gadgets are bought by women and used by women,” she says. “If we exclude ourselves from the whole sector, let’s think about the consequences of that. Men are going to be designing technology devices which are going to be used majoritively by women.”

“We have to work to not only create ambition for young women, but really open doors for the breadth of opportunities available to them. Diverse teams are the way forward.”

In her everywomanClub Voices Of Experience video, Emma also discusses the single biggest challenge she’s faced in her career – the transition from working woman to working mother.

She confides that she was overwhelmed by fear and the practicalities of dealing with the logistics of the change, and spent the first three months with her new-born “trying to organise (my) life again” and the second half of her maternity leave in a panic, “wondering how will it ever work?”.

Her advice to women facing the same situation is to talk to their mentors and sponsors, taking time to formulate their new boundaries, ambitions and priorities, and also understanding that making it work will take time.

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