Alina Addison on the art of delegation & delivering constructive feedback

Alina was fortunate enough to have strong role models from the start. Her father taught her that “anything was possible” and her first female mentor gave her the confidence to believe that it is possible to progress purely on your skills and achievements.

In her everywomanClub Voices of Experience edition, Alina discusses how delegation and giving feedback are critical skills for a leader to develop.

On delegation

Delegation doesn’t always come naturally to women and Alina shares that it felt strange at first to not be doing everything herself. But delegation is key to becoming a great leader it’s a coaching process whereby you are also a teacher, needing to make sure your information is understood properly.  

On giving feedback

It can be hard to tell someone they need to improve. Alina’s top tip: “Never make it personal; always address it to the role. Benchmark it to expectations and always do it as early as possible. People would much rather know they aren’t performing so they can correct it. This way giving feedback becomes constructive, rather than negative.”

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