Shape Quiz: Discover Your Personal Brand

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Are you predominantly a box, triangle, circle, rectangle or squiggle? In our ‘The Confident Woman’ webinar, everywoman expert and executive coach Ros Taylor introduced us to the shape quiz. Ros believes that once you know your shapes – also known as your USPs – you can use them to better understand your strengths and how to position yourself in the workplace as the unique individual you are. Take our quick quiz below and discover yours.


1. What’s your 9am ritual?

 Go through your diary for the day ahead before reading, deleting and filing emails

9am? I’ve been here since 7.30

A quick scan of your emails, including those from your recruitment agents

In the office kitchen catching up with colleagues

Racing towards the office trying not to slosh your skinny cap all down your new coat hoping no one notices you’re in at 9.05 again (you did get through a pile of emails during the commute though)


2. What is your typical work outfit?

Navy blue or black tailored suit or dress

Pastel suit or dress accessorized with classic jewellery

One day you’ll wear a suit, one day you might wear jeans

Anything comfy – eight hours is a long time

A bright top and mis-matching jeans – anything that expresses your personality


3. How would you describe your desk? 

Practically empty. Everything is filed away and in its correct place

Very tidy with your new Mulberry Filofax in its pride of place

You haven’t really unpacked all your boxes from your last job yet

Decorated with picture frames and packets of biscuits

Plastered in post-its and stacked with notebooks containing all of your big ideas


4. How do you generally spend your lunch hour?

You give yourself 20 minutes away from your desk and spend the next 40 minutes tying up loose work ends

Wining and dining clients and contacts

Clandestine meetings with recruitment agents 

Emailing friends and catching up on your social networking

Differs. Catching a lunch-time play / going to the gym / exploring the local area to find new bars


5. What is your team meeting style? 

You have a list of points ready to make and your pen poised to jot everything down

Whether officially or not, you tend to lead the meeting

You daydream about other stuff until it’s your time to speak

You listen to your colleagues intently and congratulate them on great ideas

One minute you’re unleashing the ‘Big Idea’ that wows, the next you leave your colleagues scratching their heads and you’re not really sure why.


6. What is your 5.30pm ritual? 

You finish reading, deleting and filing your emails from the day and make a list of action points for the following day

You’re in a meeting that will probably finish at 7pm

You have another quick read through your emails to see if you’ve had any responses from your recruitment agent

Doing the rounds asking what your colleagues are up to this evening

Attempting to wrap up for the day but instead discussing a great new idea you’ve just had


7. How do you unwind on Friday night? 

A glass of good red wine and a box set

Cocktails in a hip hotel bar with colleagues or clients

My Friday nights are never the same – it just depends

Down the local pub with your friends

Going to a gig, play, concert, networking event…it’s always something and always different.


Next step

Now count up your boxes, triangles, rectangles, circles and squiggles to find out your predominant and second place shapes – AKA your supporting shapes. For example, you might have scored four boxes, two triangles and one squiggle – making you four-parts ‘Box’ with strong aspects of ‘Triangle’ and an element of ‘Squiggle’. We all generally tend to be a mix of different shapes (and sizes, as the saying goes). So read on to find out what those shapes say about you.



Mostly Boxes

Your predominant shape is a Box. You’re highly organised, very dedicated, very tidy and focused on the bottom line.

Mostly Triangles

Your predominant shape is a Triangle. You’re a natural leader, you like honing things to a point and being in charge – ROI is your buzzword.

Mostly Rectangles

Your predominant shape is a Rectangle. You’re full of potential but you’re also in a period of transition. You have exciting decisions to make in your life.

Mostly Circles

Your predominant shape is a Circle. You’re warm and friendly, practical and a real people person. Your colleagues flock to you.

Mostly Squiggles 

Your predominant shape is a Squiggle. You’re highly creative and full of ideas but sometimes you may have so many in one day none of them come to fruition!



Knowing who you are is the key to being confident in the workplace and playing to your strengths. As Ros says: “Follow your own recipe…It’s incredibly liberating.” Knowing what you are, how you work and what motivates you all help you to become a more confident version of yourself. So don’t feel bad about the things you’re not so good at; take confidence from the fact that your strengths lie in other areas – it’s the same for everyone. And remember, a successful, happy workplace is a potent mix of boxes, triangles, rectangles, circles and squiggles all working together.


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