Quiz: How influential are you?

how influential are you

Are you confident in your ability to exert influence in the workplace?

According to Stacy Hanke, the author of Influence Redefined, there’s often a gap between how influential a leader perceives themselves to be, and how influential they actually are. This is often driven by a misconception of what it really means to be influential. It can also be a result of something called ‘illusory superiority’, a thinking trap whereby people overestimate their positive qualities, whilst downplaying their negative traits.

Whether or not you overestimate (or underestimate!) your influence, gauging how influential you really are can be hugely beneficial for your career. Evidently, the more senior you become, the more necessary this skill—but it can boost career progression wherever you are on the ladder.

Take this quiz to identify and tune into your influencing skills, so that you can further develop them and dial up your credibility as a future leader, as well as drive your agency in the now.


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