Podcast: ‘International Men’s Day shouldn’t be in opposition to International Women’s Day’ – Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, founder of IMD

Jerome Teelucksingh

International Men’s Day on the 19th November aims to celebrate the value men bring to the world, their families and communities, highlight role models and raise awareness of men’s wellbeing. Resurrected in 1999 from previous attempts to create a ‘men’s day’ in the 1960s, IMD began in three countries and is now observed in over 80 worldwide. We talk to the event’s founder Dr Jerome Teelucksingh about the need for IMD, why it shouldn’t be in ‘opposition’ to International Women’s Day and how highlighting the positive contributions of everyday men is important for a balanced, inclusive society. 




01:05 – Background on International Men’s Day 

02:00 – So why did it work this time? 

02:52 – How many countries mark IMD now? 

03:27 – Who is IMD for? 

05:39 – Is there a golden thread that runs through? 

07:03 – Who are they looking for acceptance from? 

10:00 – Why is there a group of men that seem to resent International Women’s Day? 

11:54 – What would you say to them in response? 

13:06 – What sort of events are held on IMD? 

14:07 – What is this year’s theme? 

15:15 – What are you encouraging people to do this year? 

16:46 – What did your father teach you, and what will you teach your kids? 

18:28 – Can IMD help with the tools for positive fatherhood? 

20:31 – How are you going to educate your kids around these issues? 

21:39 – What can men and women do to help each other? 

23:52 – What does progress for men look like? 

25:35 – What’s next for IMD? 


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