Podcast: Always look on the bright side: How to change your perspective…by reading the news



With modern news offering a relentless focus on negative events it’s easy for us to understand this agenda as ‘reality’ – something that Positive News, a daily online and quarterly print magazine dedicated to ‘constructive journalism’, is aiming to challenge. In this podcast episode, we talk to Acting Editor Lucy Douglas on the power of perspective, and the importance of engaging and empowering readers and giving them reasons to be hopeful about the future.   


Podcast notes timings: 

01:10 – News Psychology 
04:28 – Is the news doing its job? 
05:41 – How do you give ‘teeth’ to positive news? 
08:39 – How do you evaluate stories for publication? 
10:40 – What were the positives from the pandemic? 
13:16 – Is there something positive in every story? 
14:35 – What is your background in journalism? 
15:39 – How do you retrain yourself to not crave the negative? 
18:15 – How does being a co-op affect Positive News? 
21:25 – How do different demographics interpret positivity? 
25:18 – Would the world be better if people read more positive stories? 
27:59 – What is Positive News’s ultimate goal? 
29:52 – Is there a paradigm shift coming? 


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