everywomanChangemakers Podcast: How can more diverse newsrooms change the way we see the world for the better?

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The news is not neutral. Who reports it, what’s reported, and how, always serves a worldview. As modern media battles an internet of fake news, conspiracy theories and misinformation for the ’truth’, questions of perspective, rigour and codes of communication are fundamental. Florida’s Poynter Institute is at the centre of this debate, as the home of the International Fact Checking Network and the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership. We talk to Senior Vice President, Kelly McBride about the role diversity, or lack of it, plays in shaping the news agenda, why media ethics have never been more crucial to support progress, and the best way to drive change to reflect a plurality of voices and perspectives in media reporting.  


Read a full transcript of this podcast here



00:00 – Introduction 
01:13 – What is media ethics and why is it important? 
04:47 – Was there a sense of professional ethics before digital journalism? 
06:45 – What are the biggest challenges to elevating discourse? 
11:06 – Is the ‘default position’ male as well as white? 
14:22 – Do you think the younger generation brings signs of hope? 
18:42 – Does the lack of diversity in the newsrooms impact on how social justice movements are reported? 
22:21 – How does free speech intersect with ethics? 
26:51 – Has trust in journalism been irreparably damaged by the banding around of the term “fake news”? 
32:12 – What is the change that you would most like to see in the next few years? 



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