everywomanBookClub Podcast ep.3 – Love Your Imposter by Rita Clifton CBE

Rita Clifton CBE


In Love Your Imposter, business leader Rita Clifton CBE suggests that the traditional advice of ‘faking it until you make it’, might not be for everyone. In this deeply honest book — part memoir, part guide to forging a successful career, and endorsed by former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — the previous UK Chairman of Interbrand explores how her own Imposter Syndrome has become pivotal to her ongoing success. 

Listen to our podcast with Rita, where she shares her secrets to growth and development — from using curiosity to power through boring days to judicious use of rescue remedy.  


2:46 – What are the core principals you set out in your book? 

6:32 – Are you more comfortable sharing your weaknesses than your successes? 

9:53 – What is your advice to someone who doesn’t feel ready for leadership? 

13:42 – What do you say to someone who is struggling to find something interesting about their role? 

16:46 – Is it important to focus on the ‘one thing’ for your personal brand? 

19:47 – What kept you in a role you weren’t happy in? 

23:07 – Do you any routines that are essential for your success? 

25:52 – How has being a mother helped your career? 

27:13 – Tell us about your meeting with Hillary Clinton… 

29:07 – How comfortable are you with being a role model? 


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