Podcast: ‘I’m a woman of intent’ – talking ambition and record setting with Judge Jasmine Twitty

Jasmine Twitty

In 2015, at the age of 25, Jasmine Twitty became the youngest ever judge to be appointed in the USA. Five years later, and now a senior judge in the state of South Carolina, her career has fast-tracked her to international renown, as well as making her a role model for young women and women of colour wanting to enter the legal profession. 

In this everywoman podcast episode, she talks about the drivers that have propelled her forward in her life, including being intentional in all things and the power of being ‘of service’ to a community — as well as what it feels like to challenge ‘norms’ in society at intersections of age, gender and ethnicity. 

Podcast Timestamps:

00:50 – How extraordinary is it to be appointed judge at 25 in the US? 
02:10 – When did you decide you wanted to do this? 
03:50 – What was the driver for your ambition? 
05:05 – Why did you choose the legal profession? 
06:03 – Did you find there were any barriers to your progression?  
08:23 – Do you think it was significant that as the youngest appointed judge you were both female and black? 
10:20 – What is the makeup of your community and the court? 
11:34 – What shows you the positive movement in your community? 
12:44 – What has been your experience of the legal profession as a black woman? 
14:15 – Would you rather people spoke to you as a professional regardless of your race or gender? 
15:13 – Who were your role models? 
17:03 – What message do you hope you are sharing with the next generation? 
18:30 – What more can we do to encourage diversity into the legal profession? 
19:45 – Is that the power of challenging expectations early? 
20:46 – Do you like to emphasise that the law can be of service? 
22:33 – What is your view of the Black Lives Matter movement? 
23:29 – What is “Lead Her Greenville”? 
26:16 – What have been your major milestones and what is next? 
27:54 – What do you do on a daily basis to make sure you’re on your A-game? 
28:42 – Do you subscribe to the positive thinking mentality? 
29:50 – Is success as much to do with all the little things you do? 
30:38 – What is next for you in the legal profession or politics?


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