Podcast: Speaking… and listening in a digital age. Tiffany St James on the creative power of social media to connect business with its audiences

Leadership, Communication
Every generation needs to understand what the digital channels are and how people are using them.

Because despite the way in which technology is used there are some fundamental principles in communication that I think stand: What is your objective? ; Who is your audience?; What is the right channel for that?…that’s just smart business thinking.

The future is here, and it’s digital – but for digital transformation strategist and former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government Tiffany St James, power lies in the people and the culture that tech is embedded in. In this everywoman podcast episode, we talk to her about how social media has changed the way in which businesses engage with their audiences, how they get it right…and how they get it wrong – and the importance of embedding a culture of innovation not just “digital” in an organisation.


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