Nazy Vassegh of Masterpiece on becoming a leader & striving for the work-life balance

In this edition of everywomanClub Voices Of Experience, former CEO of Masterpiece, Nazy Vassegh discusses her transition from a long-standing member of the corporate world to starting out on her own.

Following a degree in politics, economics and law, Nazy took on an internship at fine art house Sotheby's, and simply fell in love with the old masterpieces. A long and successful career in the art world followed, but on venturing out on her own she found herself "with no cushion, no team and having to build up from stratch". On the advice of her husband ("Rome wasn't built in a day!") she perservered and found her feet as a calm and controlled leader. "If you flap, you destabalise a team," she acknowledges.

Discussing self-belief, Nazy says: "I'm certainly not confident all of the time. In a new situation I always do my background research and prepping." Mentors have played an important role in Nazy's development, with one in particular teaching her that it's possible to be "strong yet female; dynamic yet friendly".

On the eternal struggle for the work-life balance, Nazy admits: "No woman gets it right all the time. There are times when I feel enormous guilt. The guilt is always there; I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't feel some guilt!"