Your action plan to resilience


Resilience is the ability to bounce-back from difficult times and re-emerge with a positive outlook. In the workplace and our personal lives, it’s inevitable that we will face challenges that set us back, but it’s learning how to gracefully accept and learn from them that defines exceptional leadership and a healthy mind.

Resilient people possess deep optimism and a high tolerance for uncertainty, which explains their sturdiness during times of seemingly intolerable stress. Luckily, this skill can be learned and applied to management in the workplace and your personal life.  

Our workbook ‘Resilience: Bouncing Back’(work through online or download the PDF version), is a must-read if you find yourself frequently over-whelmed from the demands of work. Learning to recognise the type of stress you’re experiencing – good and bad - will alleviate feelings of powerless and encourage a new found sense of flexibility and mental stability.

everywomanNetwork members can download the workbook to:

  • Learn more about resilience and the habits of highly resilient people
  • Understand your resilient personality
  • Discover the science of stress
  • Build a personal resilience action plan