Vodafone first company to implement domestic violence leave

Vodafone has introduced a policy offering up to 10 days’ paid leave to its employees across the globe, as well as making specialist support available to those affected.

The leave days are intended to give domestic violence victims time for their needs, such as seeking professional help, attending court proceedings or moving house.

Specialist training will be offered to Vodafone HR managers to help them support employees impacted by abuse, and the company also released an online handbook titled Toolkit on domestic violence and abuse at work: Recognise, respond and refer.

Produced by independent gender expert, Jane Pillinger, the study surveyed 4,715 workers across nine countries including the UK, India, Turkey and Kenya. The research found 37% of those surveyed had experienced domestic abuse and 67% of those felt it affected career-progression.

South Ayrshire council became the first council to offer paid domestic violence leave to its employees earlier this year, while last year, New Zealand became the first country to introduce legislation allowing workers paid domestic violence leave.