Six Great Podcasts for Clarity

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Give yourself a boost of clarity and ‘can do’ with these six great podcasts, covering everything from productivity and simplicity to how to be happier in life. Everything you need to reboot, recharge and renew while you’re on the go in a busy world.


For creativity: The Accidental Creative

Staying close to, and understanding, your creative core is vital to build a life – and a career – that really feeds you – and it doesn’t have to be complex to tap into. This podcast breaks it all down into everyday practices and inspirational thoughts that will keep you in touch with your authenticity and help you create an experience more richly lived. Host Todd Henry literally wrote the eponymous book and here he covers core concepts from it, as well as talking to thinkers, leaders and artists about the ways they stay prolific, inspired and healthy in life and work. Press play and get a dose of deep dive into your motivations, focus and ultimately, true sense of self.

Listen-to episode: Making Echoes - Leadership and legacy are not just what you do, but also how you do it


For happiness: Gretchen Rubin’s Happier

Everyone wants to be happy, but it’s a big concept for such a small word. Gretchen Rubin covered some of the keys in her bestseller The Happiness Project, and now discusses the topics further with her younger sister, TV writer and producer Elizabeth. Here they both chew over everything from simple hacks and practical habits to ways you can identify - and overcome – stumbling blocks to happiness in your life. The easy, feel-good chat between the sisters is one of the podcast’s strongest points – drawing you in to look at things in ways you might not have done before and challenge ideas that could be holding you back. The combination of conversation and real, actionable points to use immediately in your life makes each episode an inspirational addition to a commute.

Listen-to episode: Working is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination


For productivity: Beyond the To-Do List

Productivity author Erik Fisher takes on the bigger picture of the busy life, as he looks at how to be productive beyond ticking off to-do items. Lively conversations with guests and influencers throw up insights and tactics on managing time, prioritising tasks and choosing the ‘right’ projects to propel you to where you want to go. There’s as much focus on the mistakes guests have made in their daily productivity goals as the things that really work for them – giving the podcast a refreshingly honest tone. As such it will motivate you to make small changes to your mind-set and actions that have a big impact – and helping you toward the true goal of productivity: living a meaningful life.

Listen-to episode: Routines: Benjamin Spall on morning routines, evening routines and habits


For self-care: Thrive

Few public figures have been so upfront about the consequences of neglecting their wellbeing as Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington. Her collapse from exhaustion after working 18-hour days with sleep deprivation in 2007 was a wake up call for her. She has since become an ambassador for self-care for women at work, inspiring others to look out for their own mental and physical health while pursuing their career goals. Her podcast Thrive is a clarion call for peak performance, with real world stories from a range of high-profile guests and plenty of sound, strong advice about protecting yourself from overwork and avoiding burnout.


Listen-to episode: Productivity guru Tim Ferris – shares his mental health journey


For simplicity: The Minimalists

Pare away the clutter in your world with this ode to the simple(r) life from Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, collectively known as The Minimalists. Both experienced profound improvements in their quality of life after adopting a ‘less is more’ philosophy back in 2010 – and they have been spreading the message of ‘leading a mindful life with less’ in this podcast ever since. In a complex modern world, the idea of streamlining your life to its most important elements is a persuasive one. Not sure where to start? Pick any topic – even the titles are simple – and you may find that one thing leads to another, with episodes covering everything from dealing with digital saturation to debt and more abstract concepts such as fear and love.

Listen-to episode: Comparison


For boldness: The Kathlyn Hart Show

Formerly known as The Big Leap Show, this podcast is for those looking to make those big, and probably overdue, changes in their life. In need of a little boldness to go with your big idea? Host Kathlyn Hart can deliver the inspiration you need to make your move, with solo inspiration sessions, focusing on the highs and lows of (finally) following your passions – as well as candid discussions with inspirational women who have taken the journey before you. No-nonsense and pithy – some podcasts are only as little as two minutes’ long – each sound bite or interview is designed to take you from dreaming to doing and give you greater clarity in where you’re going and why.

Confession: I’ve been using confusion as a crutch Listen-to episode: