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A Network member seeks advice on preparing for an interview in a new sector and gaining confidence after spending a few years out of the workplace….

Christina Riley

During her 30 years in the construction industry, Christina Riley has experienced the culture as both male and female — and as a result is a resolute advocate for change.

calm in a chaotic workplace

We cannot always avoid working in close quarters with people we don’t particularly get on with. But what if that difficult relationship is with your boss? Let’s explore the impact of personality clashes at work and what you can do to mitigate them.

Tricky Types

Have you ever questioned what it's like to work with you? It's an important question to ask ourselves; most of what we want in life depends on our reputation.

Pride flag

Well-chosen questions can kickstart powerful conversations that lead to healthier, happier and more inclusive workplaces for everyone.

Rebecca Matthews

Responsible for the welfare of children and young people during their movement between secure establishments, police stations and courts, Rebecca Matthews reflects on a rewarding career and its many challenges.


A Network member seeks out expert advice after revealing too much about her mental health at work...

work mistakes

Women have a harder time dealing with failure at work than men — so how can you move on when you’ve made a major mistake?

financial wellbeing check

Financial knowledge goes together with empowerment. But a report into financial wellbeing in women reveals that there are marked differences in the ways and attitudes in which men and women approach this life skill — and a gender advice gap still to fill.