Five-Minute Fireside Q&A with Rashmi Jati Apte

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In this series, we get the low-down from busy everywoman role models about the key things they’ve learned during their careers…and what they now know for sure. This month Rashmi Jati Apte, Head of ePMO, Indore Development Centre, Worldpay India discusses her key tips for networking, wellbeing and sustaining a successful career.


What’s the one piece of career advice that has really stuck in your mind?

Value yourself, your health and your time and make sure you make time to unwind so you can keep producing good results. If you are healthy and value yourself, you have won half the battle in life. To unwind, I read, talk to friends, do yoga and meditate – all of those give me peace of mind and to connect back to self.


What’s the key to successful networking?

Know how to strike a balance and know when to attach and detach, especially on digital platforms. Although Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other social media are effective ways of networking it can be easy to get too drawn into them before you know it. Personally, I try to use social media at a minimum as I find it can affect my inner peace and stop me connecting back with self.


What is key to creating and sustaining a successful career?

A “can do” attitude, values and Integrity are very important in a long-term career. It’s important to show these in behaviour rather than just words. Effective delegation is also important to progress a career, however common mistakes I see people make are either delegating too quickly or not being able to use the team talent pool effectively and delegate well. You need to trust a person before you delegate responsibilities and authority to them.


What do you wish someone had told you early on in your career?

To give more importance to myself in the early stages of my career. Second, how important it is to take calculated risks to grow and rise – not only in your career but in your whole life. You need to make yourself vulnerable to experience life. Distracting yourself from problems and situations does not always help.


What one thing do you do every day to keep growing in your career and life?

Every morning when I wake up, I decide to speak less as this helps conserves energy! I meditate or at least do a fitness routine everyday. I laugh a lot. All this helps me to manage stress. I am an action-oriented person, which helps. Sometimes, consistently taking action is more important than being able to foresee results. And I try to learn from every situation. This helps me moving ahead.