Everywoman wisdom: Gabriella Carrozza


Gabriella Carrozza is a security consulting senior manager at Accenture, Italy. Here she shares an insight into her working life, and her top tips for a successful, fulfilling career.


I was born… in the south of Italy and today home is Rome, Italy.

When I was younger… I was a naughty kid and it seems I didn’t change with age! But I have always believed in the power of math, that’s why I got my computer engineering degree and PhD, and decided to spend my life with computers.

My career began… in 2009, when I began working in the field of dependable software systems and application security in one of the world’s leading companies in aerospace and defence. In 2016, I joined Accenture and it was love at first sight. Today I’m a security consulting senior manager, surrounded by fab guys and a great team.

My typical day… lasts 48 hours, I swear! The alarm rings at 5:00 am and my first high-priority task is to go for a run. Then life starts: it’s hard, it’s tiring, it’s challenging but it’s wonderful. And most importantly, it’s now.

The three most important things in my life are… my family, my books and my running shoes.

My biggest challenge to date has been… My first marathon. But I always think the biggest challenge is yet to come: this is my way of aiming high.

The one thing I would change about my life is… during my PhD I had the chance to move to London but I didn’t take it, and I should have.

When recruiting team members I look for… passion and enthusiasm for work. If you love what you do, life is easier, you do it better, and your team will appreciate you more.

The one thing I wish I knew in my early career is… your strength is in your team. You can be good, but you can’t be alone.

If someone wanted my role, the advice I’d give is… knowing a little bit of everything is not a smart move, but nor is being a single-topic guru. I believe in authoritative leadership: if you have consolidated skills in one or two areas, you’ll become a respected leader much more easily. Also – train the mind and body every single day.

I celebrate my successes… with a run, along the sea preferably. Then dinner with the family is a must.

I enhance my performance... by being an early bird. A one-hour workout, running, riding or swimming, and 30 minutes of reading really boosts my day.

Someone said to me recently… ‘You manage to get a smile out of anyone, even if you’re down in the dumps.’ It was terrific and really changed my day.

A powerful communicator needs to have… good language skills and a smile.

The communicators I think got it right are… Jesus, Cicero, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and my dad. The former did a great job with the masses, while the latter has been doing a great job with me! All of them can let people feel what they feel through humility, simplicity and competence. Nothing more, nothing less.

My top tip for getting people to listen to you is… look them in the eyes. I’d say it’s key both for public and private speech.

I’m a big supporter of ‘team building’… Business time together is great but it’s just one part of the story: you really get to know each other drinking beers in jeans and a t-shirt. Although running shoes are the best, of course.

Inclusion means… tolerance. I simply try to be myself and feel on my skin how others may feel.

The key to my success so far is… networking. International research experience gave me the chance to get in touch with professionals from anywhere in the world. Keeping live relationships is a job, which is both hard and time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it.