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Do you have a story or idea to share with the everywomanNetwork? Having your experiences published on everywoman.com can help raise your profile and provide inspiration, fresh thinking, and support to thousands of your fellow members.

We currently have three columns open for submissions.


1. everywoman World

This is open to any network member who has a global aspect to their career. You may have worked in multiple cities and countries and want to share the benefit of your knowledge of cultural differences when it comes to navigating the business world. You may be taking the first step to launching your own business internationally. Or you may have a role which requires you to work closely with an overseas market. Whatever your global perspective, we want to hear from you. Email victoria@everywoman.com with 'World' in the subject field and a brief outline of your proposed submission.


2. everywoman Experiences

Has your role or business venture given you a unique insight or skill that other network members can learn from? It might be a pivotal moment in your career so far that transformed the way you approach relationships. It could be a networking event that elevated your confidence levels and allowed you to solve a tough problem. Whatever your experience, drop us a line at victoria@everywoman.com with a short outline of your idea for an everywoman article submission. Please include 'Experiences' in the subject field.


3. everywoman Incognito

Sometimes the defining, memorable or most difficult moments in our careers are simply too personal to share. That's why we're intoducing everywoman Incognito, a platform for you to share your most personal career experiences safely and anonymously on the everywomanNetwork, allowing other members to learn from the benefits of your deepest experiences. If you would like to share your story on the network with total anonymity, drop us a line at victoria@everywoman.com with a brief outline, including 'Incognito' in the subject line.