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Mentoring is an enriching experience that both parties can contribute to and gain benefits from — and there are so many ways to tap into its potential. Let’s look at five exercises that can be used online or in person to inspire growth and drive a mentoring relationship forward…

Quiz: What is your mentoring style

What’s your natural mentoring style? Take our quiz to find out and you’ll also discover the many ways you can you broaden your repertoire to get real results, whoever you’re working with…

coach yourself

Professional coaching can be a powerful way to develop your career, but you can apply many of the principles to your own self-coaching practice to move yourself forward. We asked everywoman trainer Pippa Isbell for her tips on how to be your own best coach.

Analyst to Integrator

In the second of our Seven Seismic Shifts series, we explore the challenges of moving from the detail-focused role of Analyst to the big picture world of the Integrator — a skillset every leader needs to thrive in a multi-functional role.

Choose your challenge

Achieving goals, however modest they may be, is a central tenet of happiness and success — and when those goals are chosen and set by you, they generate a sense of intention and purpose that allows you to move your life forwards in positive and powerful ways.

Imposter Syndrome

Advice for overcoming imposter syndrome is usually aimed at the individual filled with doubt and feeling like a fraud.

Claudia Exeler

Software Engineering Manager, Claudia Exeler leads a team building identity verification mechanisms for Facebook. Giving and receiving feedback has been central to her journey as a leader...

floating feathers

At everywoman, we talk a lot about the essential nature of female role models. For many of us, our portfolio of female role models includes our Mother, among whose many roles in our lives often include those of career advisor and guidance counsellor.

everywoman partners Facebook recently hosted a panel session on the power of visible role models. Watch the recording of the discussion here.

Everywoman award winners on how to be a male ally

19th November 2019 is International Men’s Day. To celebrate we caught up with some of everywoman’s award-winning male allies, to see what advice they would give to men who want to improve D&I in their organisation.

There’s a pay-it-forward movement that you need to be part of.

Joanna Santinon, partner, EY, is a driving force in the fight for gender equality. But it wasn’t always this way – she tells us her story.