Focus on the Pipeline Report


A major report launched by everywoman and resourcing solutions provider Alexander Mann Solutions.

Based on research involving 400 female middle managers and 200 senior HR leaders, from SMEs and corporates across a range of sectors, the report explores the views of both groups and provides valuable insights into the common ground they share and striking differences in perspective on certain issues.

It highlights a high level of frustration caused by a lack of opportunity and clarity of career path that female talent is experiencing at middle management level and reveals that 43 per cent of female middle managers2 feel they are likely to leave their current employer in the next two years.

The aspects of work that female middle managers were least satisfied with were the lack of opportunities (48 per cent), the likelihood of progression (47 per cent) and the clarity of career path (40 per cent). Of significant cause for concern, only 11 per cent of female middle managers described themselves as ‘extremely satisfied’ in their job.


Karen Gill, co-founder of everywoman, comments: ‘After 13 years of working with women in business we know all about the frustrations and challenges that women face. While diversity is much more front of mind than several years ago, some companies still don’t know where to start to unlock the productivity of their female middle managers. The good news is that there are practical steps companies can take to improve their female talent pipeline.’

1McLeod’s 2009 report Engaging for Success found companies with high levels of engagement increased profits by 19.2 per cent. High engagement could equate to additional profits of between £70bn and £80bn across UK companies. 2m female managers represent 7% of the UK workforce which therefore equates to a £5bn benefit.

2‘Middle managers’ were defined as meeting the following criteria: They have responsibility for teams, budgets and projects; their role includes implementing strategy and plans determined at a higher level; and they are accountable to senior management.


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