Ciara Raison, Sales Director for V12 Vehicle Finance

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Know your strengths and showcase them daily

Ciara is the Sales Director for V12 Vehicle Finance, the vehicle finance division of Secure Trust Bank. Ciara holds responsibility for leading the UK sales team to grow market share within the franchised and independent dealer sector.

Since graduating with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Ciara has worked in Financial Services for 20 years, spending 10 years developing her early career as a manager and leader with The Royal Bank of Scotland. Ciara holds Chartered Banker Membership, viewed as the gold standard for professionals working in the banking sector, recognising their detailed knowledge of modern banking and its ethical and professional requirements.

Ciara is passionate about building brands and partnerships, driving transformational change and enhancing the customer’s experience to improve customer advocacy. Ciara notes that her success in delivery of results stems from having a relentless focus on talent development, helping individuals unlock their real potential and creating high performing teams who can dominate markets.

Top tips

  • Be brave, take chances and picture yourself being successful and winning. Keep asking yourself – ‘What’s the worst that could happen? And more importantly – What’s the best that could happen?’
  • Resilience improves with experience. It develops through practice and recognising, ‘How you think drives how you feel, which determines how you behave’. You can choose how you think about a difficult challenge or negative experience. Choosing to think in facts, logic, and data and as positively as you can helps accelerate your development of resilience
  • My key to successful communication whether in person or written is in the preparation. Prepare great questions for your audience, anticipate challenges you may get, filter the information to only the most relevant, use stories to bring messages to life.
  • Brilliant leaders are apparent in times of great challenge, disruption or uncertainty. During these times, leaders need to be visible, be present, be available and be consistent. The most important skill during these times is communication – you cannot over communicate enough. If people don’t have the answers, they will make them up and very soon rumour, myths and legends become facts and reality. Involve your teams in the solutions, provide opportunities for them to showcase their ideas and talents.
  • Limiting beliefs are assumptions you make, which hold you back. Whether they are about you (‘I’m not good enough’), or about others (‘They don’t recruit women’) or about the world (‘Only people who go to university can have good careers’). All limiting beliefs have 1 thing in common. They are grounded in your own personal fear. (I’m too scared to…in case…). Recognising that fear and then taking a brave pill and going for it anyway is what propels you forward in your career or life.


the most valuable piece of advice SOMEONE HAS GIVEN YOU

‘Surround yourself by people who have better / different skills than you. Trust others to cover your gaps, whilst you focus on showcasing your strengths’

Your key piece advice to someone looking to progress

Know your strengths and showcase them daily.


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