Modern Muse

Role Models for Girls


Modern Muse is engaging the next generation of female business leaders and entrepreneurs by showcasing female role models for girls in all walks of business life. The goal is to reach out to one million young women and girls, to inspire them to look at business careers and entrepreneurship as a way to achieve their dreams.


If you are a woman in business or a woman business owner, with drive, passion and a willingness to engage with the younger generation, become a muse - the new female role models for young women and girls. Find out more >>


If you work in a school, college, university, youth group or club and have a desire to raise the aspirations of girls, join the Modern Muse Project and open up a wealth of opportunities. Find out more >>


If you work in or own a visionary and socially responsible business and want to build strong foundations for the future your company and the UK economy, there are many ways you can get involved and highlight role models for girls. Find out more >>


Discover more role models for girls at the Modern Muse website >>