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The facts around gender diversity of the workforce are now well established.

Building a team of balance isn’t simply a matter of ethics; it’s just good business sense.

Research shows that gender diverse organisations are more innovative and in touch with their customer bases.

They’re also more profitable: by minimising the hiring fees and disruption to business continuity associated with a loss of female talent, they’re also reducing their overall cost lines by as much as 64%. 




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Creating a gender diversity strategy that positively impacts your staff, your customer and your bottom line, requires time and energy.

That’s where we come in. 

Provide your female employees with the development they need

The everywomanNetwork provides your female employees with the learning and development they need in order to see their careers and your organisation flourish. 

It creates much-needed role models for the next generation, and sends a clear message that your business is one where women can and do reach the top.



Join the gender experts

Our expertise, garnered over nearly two decades in the business, our tailored awards programmes and learning and development packages, have had a marked impact on boosting engagement levels and talent pipelines for many of our client organisations.
In our 2016 study, regular users of the everywomanNetwork report that they are far more focussed on career development. As a result of their learnings and access to our role models, they are 42% more likely to be promoted.
Around 10% of our members are men looking to not only grow their own careers, they also utilise the resources to provide themselves with the knowledge and practical skills they need to develop high performing teams of gender balance and productivity.

Crucially for our corporate partners, these women are subsequently less likely to leave their employers. 75% of regular users say that they expect their careers to grow at their existing organisations.  


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For more information download our white paper -  

Retaining and Advancing Women in Business:

A Model for Success  


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Retaining and advancing women in business white paper

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Amy Chalfen
Across Experian we have the everywoman capability available to all our offices worldwide. We have consistently polled for feedback and have found that while usage and themes of focus may vary there is a consistent level of value and appreciation that our teams achieve through the everywoman membership. We have focus groups and grass roots brown bag sessions regularly using everywoman content from Bulgaria to the USA and Malaysia - and extremely positive individual endorsements as well.  Initially there was some concern that it would be uk centric but we have found that this is not the case and have as a result continued our global subscription for several years. Based on recent feedback this is likely to continue!
Amy Chalfen, Global Service and Delivery Director, Experian, , Experian

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