How everywoman believes we can best support Black Lives Matter

For 21 years at everywoman we have worked to change the landscape for women in business. With a mission to ensure women’s voices were heard, their faces seen and their contribution to business and community valued. We have learned much on this journey, not least, the real impact created by having visible ‘relatable’ role models, where others can recognise themselves, across our societies.

This is the ultimate key in us all believing we too can achieve success.

We have been supported on our journey by champions, allies and advocates for whom diversity, inclusion and the right to equality are a driving force – and importantly that hasn’t just been other women. Male allies have played a vital role in positively changing the business landscape for women, listening, learning and speaking up for gender equality, in rooms when women were not always present.

As we thought about what everywoman could do, to practically support the Black Lives Matter movement, we reflected on two things we know; that amplifying the achievements of relatable role models should never be underestimated and that supporting each other to become better champions and allies can produce powerful results.

We reflected on what we had done in that respect and what we could be doing more of in the future. Seven years ago, having seen the success our work was having in uncovering and shining the spotlight on female role models in business, our friends Melanie Eusebe and Sophie Chandauka partnered with us to try and do something equally impactful for the black business community. Together we co-founded and launched the Black British Business Awards. In the past 7 years this programme has amplified the achievements of hundreds of incredibly talented Black professionals and entrepreneurs, working with some of the largest employers in the UK to help them attract, retain, develop, advance and recognise BAME talent. What Melanie and Sophie have achieved is phenomenal, they are an inspiration – not just to their community, but as women, people, allies, friends.

With this ever more front of mind, to actively support the Black Lives Matter movement, everywoman commits to do more. We must uncover and showcase the talents of black women in business and we strive to be better allies and champions to our black sisters. We will continue to put diversity and equal representation front and centre in everything. everywoman was created to support every woman everywhere to achieve her ambitions so, to that end, if there is anything we should be doing that we aren’t, something we could be doing better – please tell us. We’re listening.