Complimentary resources to help your business take action

Complimentary resources to help your business take action

A selection of everywoman's gender pay gap reporting resources, carefully created to meet the common challenges faced by organisations today.


As a business owner, leader, diversity manager or HR specialist working in an organisation of more than 250 employees, recent legislation means your company will be required to upload data concerning your gender pay gap to a publically-accessible government website, by 4 April 2018. 

Though the many business and economic advantages of gender pay parity have been widely publicised, progress in terms of female participation in business has been slow.

The legally enforceable regulation, introduced in April 2017, is a bold move to shift the dial and reduce the current UK economy-wide gender pay gap of 18.1%.


is your business ready to report on its gender pay gap?

Our selection of complimentary resources have been carefully created to help your organisation meet some of the common business challenges.


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Reporting on your organisation's gender pay gap


A wealth of business leaders from a diverse cross section of industries have welcomed the move for more transparent reporting.

Many recognise that the current lay of the land means they will be making public what may be a huge gender disparity within their organisations. But transparency is what is needed in order to find solutions to tackle the issue.

Businesses are already reaping the rewards of going through the process of creating a gender diversity action plan which will, in turn, lead to more balanced teams, giving better business outcomes.


Publishing our gender pay gap has allowed us to understand the reasons for the gap and hold ourselves accountable to make changes. For example, we know that a sizeable part of our pay gap is a result of having fewer women in senior positions, so this is an area where we continue to focus our efforts.

Laura Hinton, Head of People, PwC


Since we partnered with the Government Equalities Office to produce 2015’s The Gender Pay Matters Report, we’ve spoken to countless business and HR/diversity leaders about the new legislation and its impact on diversity and inclusion strategies. Here are just some of the questions businesses like yours frequently ask:


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  • How can I clearly explain the difference between gender pay gap reporting and an equal pay audit?
  • How can I best communicate the issue of the gender pay gap and new reporting regulations to key stakeholders around my business?
  • We already know we have a huge gap - is reporting going to hurt our reputation?
  • We recognise we have an issue with female advancement, but how do we change that?
  • What initiatives can we employ to get the ball rolling on our commitment to being a more diverse and inclusive employer?
  • Do similar businesses have a pay gap and what are they doing about it?
  • Where can I get clear, digestible information on reporting and the steps we need to take?
  • We might be a large-scale employer, but business is tough. When it comes to gender diversity and pay gap reporting, stakeholders want to know: what’s in this for us?


Being able to access information about the gender pay gap will enable people to make better-informed decisions about potential future employers, and will also allow companies to consider gender pay data when selecting suppliers and partners.”

Emma Codd, Managing Partner for Talent, Deloitte UK.

Choose your reporting resources

Our gender pay reporting resources were born out of discussions with a range of businesses. We appreciate no organisation is the same, so each item in our menu of resources has been carefully created to meet common challenges. We have made a selection of these resources free to download now.


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5 MYTHS ABOUT what GENDER PAY GAP reporting means

Confusion around obligations and data required; concerns around reputation damage; this briefing clarifies the key concerns of businesses.

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Perfect for the time-strapped, this headline guide covers the key information about reporting and what your organisation needs to do next.

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Two issues, frequently confused. We highlight the key differences in meaning, and the various initiatives being successfully employed to address concerns.


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We’ve consolidated the wealth of government body reports on the new gender pay gap reporting legislation into one, easy-to-access digest to help your organisation.

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Our research uncovers proven methods for attracting, retaining, engaging and advancing women in business. See our guide to applying these initiatives to your gender pay gap strategy.

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Watch some of the leaders of everywoman partner organisations discuss the significance of  reporting and its impact on their businesses.

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