Take a positive step to closing the gender pay gap in your business

Take a positive step to closing the gender pay gap in your business

With our annual Gender Pay Gap Programme you can take positive action to close the gender pay gap and ensure you better manage the development of your female talent, retain your key staff and above all, grow your business performance.

Take Positive action to protect your company


If you have over 250 employees, publicly reporting each year on the gender pay gap in your business isn’t a choice, it’s mandatory, but you do have a choice as to how you take action.

By April 2018, not putting in place your own individual action plan could leave the reputation of your business open to public criticism, with companies potentially facing negative press, or even a PR nightmare.

As gender diversity and inclusion experts, everywoman can help with reporting on your gender pay gap; putting an action plan in place that has tangible effects; business communications; and more.

Our annual Gender Pay Gap programme is tailored uniquely to your business and sector challenges. Act today and share your commitment to diversity, avoiding damage to your brand reputation and fostering a more engaged workforce.


Women who regularly access our digital learning and development platform are 42% more likely to be promoted and 75% expect to continue growing their careers at their existing organisations.

Take action today  

Benefit your Business by taking action now


Our annual Gender Pay Gap Programme is ideal for companies who want to demonstrate they are taking action to close their gender pay gap. With resources to help you build a comprehensive action plan, as well as access to a wealth of development resources, the programme will ultimately drive growth for your business. 

With programmes starting from only £2,500 per annum, plus VAT, for companies with 250 employees or more,  our Gender Pay Gap Programme will help your business benefit from:

  • An improved brand reputation: This is an opportunity to formulate an action plan and share your commitment to diversity in a public forum, limiting any damage to your reputation. 
  • The opportunity to attract a wider talent pool to recruit from
  • A more loyal workforce and lower staff turnover costs
  • Less danger of lost productivity and lack of business continuity due to staff turnover
  • Better customer relations: existing and prospective customers feel better about organisations that value diversity.
  • An improved UK economy ‒ £150bn could be added to the UK’s annual GDP by 2025 

Tools and resources to CLOSE THE GAP


Whether your business is large or small, our Gender Pay Gap Programme is the ideal way to demonstrate your organisation is taking such action to close your gender pay gap.

We have created a comprehensive programme, including a range of tools and resources to help you create the right action plan for your business.

These tools have been created in collaboration with Helene Reardon-Bond OBE - UK expert on diversity and equality, advisor to the Lord Davies and Hampton Alexander Reviews and lead policy architect behind the gender pay gap reporting regulations.

Photo of Helene Reardon-Bond

Helene Reardon-Bond OBE UK Diversity and Equality Expert

Tailor the programme to your business needs

Our annual Gender Pay Gap Programme offers a range of features that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

A man and woman debating at a desk

Select from the following options:

  • The everywoman gender pay gap resource pack

  • Quarterly gender pay gap webinars hosted by one of our gender pay gap experts

  • Expert Q&A sessions and supporting resources to accompany the webinars

  • A comprehensive guide to creating your action plan 

  • Access to the everywomanNetwork digital learning and development platform 

  • An everywoman “closing the gender pay gap" logo 

  • everywoman gender pay gap reporting consultancy services - tailored to your organisation and exclusively delivered by our gender pay gap experts

gender pay gap reporting consultancy services

Each company is not the same and as diversity and inclusion experts we are here to offer you and your organisation tailored support and advice. To discuss how our gender pay gap consultancy services can help your business, contact helene@everywoman.com.

  • Reporting
  • Advice on action plan
  • Internal and external communications
  • Statements for annual reports
  • Team and leadership briefings
  • Inhouse facilitated discussion 



But the benefits of our programme don't stop at just showing your business is taking the right steps. At its heart, you and your employees can get access to our highly acclaimed personal development tool, the everywomanNetwork.  

Developing talent - and in particular female talent - will not only help drive business growth and performance, but will also help retain and attract the best female employees in your sector, crucial in helping your business to close the gender pay gap. 

Watch the video on how the everywomanNetwork can benefit both your employees and your business.

Take action to closeyour gender pay gap today

To get more information on our Gender Pay Gap Programme and the options available for your business, complete the form below. 

Looking for a taster of what Gender Pay Gap resources are available? Head over to our Complimentary Resources page.