everywomanBookClub Podcast ep.1 - Acting with Power by Deborah Gruenfeld

Personal Growth, Resilience, Wellbeing, Confidence, Leadership
In her book Acting With Power, Stanford Graduate School’s Professor Deborah Gruenfeld sets out to convince us that we all have more power than we realise, and that by learning how to ‘act’ out our roles in a more powerful way, we can all be better versions of ourselves at work, at home and in the community.


In this edition of the everywomanBookClub podcast, everywoman’s Rebecca Lewis challenges Professor Gruenfeld to help us become more powerful in our relationship with the boss, and learn how to handle interruptions and say “no” more effectively. We also get Professor Gruenfeld’s insight into female leadership during the Covid-19 crisis, the power behind the #MeToo Movement, and how birth order and childhood experiences impact our relationship with power in adulthood. (Spoiler alert: President Trump is the second youngest of five children.) 


Podcast content breakdown:

01:50 - Why this book now?
03:40 - Training with an actor
05:30 - Awful Bosses
07:45 - How birth order affects our relationship with power
12:03 - Imposter Syndrome
15:04 - Dealing with people who interrupt
19:19 - Saying “no”
22:03 - Joining a posse and the #MeToo Movement
25:11 - Changing the nature of leadership