Jobin Mathew

Senior Product Manager, Marketing


Jobin Mathew Headshot
Jobin is a seasoned Senior Product Manager at Amazon, renowned for strategic leadership and with a track record of driving results in Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing. With a focus on EU Amazon Freight Programme products. With 10+ years in Product Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Mathew leads brand and performance campaigns across E-commerce, DTC, and Retail channels. Notably, his AGILE methodology for New Product Development has launched 35 successful digital and FMCG/D product lines. Jobin has achieved remarkable improvements in customer engagement and marketing ROI. A visionary leader, Jobin pilots content strategies, drives hyper-localized content plans, and introduces innovative methodologies to generate leads. With a passion for driving growth and a knack for inspiring teams, Jobin plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of product marketing at Amazon.