Giuliana De Ferrari

Head of Global Commercial and Tendering Strategy

DHL Industrial Projects

Giuliana de Ferrari, known as Giuli, was born and raised in Brazil and has cultivated a global perspective throughout her career in the project transport sector. Her early fascination with the world was influenced by her family’s adventurous spirit. Giuli pursued technical education in logistics, starting her professional journey at 17 with a specialised project logistics forwarder.

Over 12 years, she worked in nearly 10 countries, leading to her current base in the UK. Giuli’s career was notably shaped by a 2-year management program involving rotations across several global offices. Her diverse experiences include managing logistics challenges in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, from rerouting project cargoes around hurricanes in the USA to overseeing discharging operations in Mozambique.

Now 31, Giuli works with DHL Industrial Projects as the Head of Global Commercial and Tendering Strategy. Her outstanding contributions have earned her multiple accolades, including the “CEO Award” at DHL Industrial Projects. Most recently, her team earned the “Best Team” award. Additionally, she holds APMP certification and actively participates in charity events in her free time. Giuli’s dedication extends beyond professional achievements; she is committed to mentoring and positively impacting other women and men in the logistics industry.