Carolina de la Paz

LA-S Logistics


Carolina de la Paz
With +15 years of experience and having an International Business + Engineering master’s degree, Carolina has always been passionate and eager to learn from others and expand her horizons. By being immerse in different cultures, sparking opportunities to live in France and China, Carolina realizes the value on having different perspectives.

Carolina has hold positions in operations, procurement, project management, business operations and currently manages the logistics operations for Lenovo’s PC business across Latin America Spanish speaker countries.

Carolina is a true believer on the power of diversity & inclusion and with her creation of the program Women Enhancing Logistics (WEL), within Lenovo, she looks to contribute to Lenovo’s diversity actions, and are determined to show how diversity can enhance our industry. WEL is a program that enables discussion, generates ideas and identifies aspirational females role models within Supply Chain.

Carolina is a marathoner, is married and have 2 kids, 10 and 8 years old. Carolina’s phrase is “This is not a race but a marathon… let’s take the first step.