International Women’s Day

Online Summit

9 -12 March 2020

International Women's Day video

International Women’s Day

Online Summit

9 - 12 March 2020



We know how important training, L&D and fostering global connections is for developing your career. We also know how time and location can sometimes be a barrier to achieving these objectives. It's for these reasons that this International Women’s Day we’re delighted to host an event like no other.

Bringing together a handpicked line-up of trainers and thought leaders, this week-long celebration will provide practical takeaways and inspiration to help you propel your career. From career ‘nudges’ to paying it forward, the event provides an interactive platform to network with women across the globe and ask questions to thought leaders in the field all from the comfort of your desk.

We have both corporate and individual packages available for the online event.:

For corporate package information, please contact Anna Josko anna@everywoman.com

For individual access passes, priced at £50 for one person to access the event, click below



WHY attend?

  • Celebrate International Women's Day with a global community

  • Supercharge your learning over the course of a week

  • Connect with your own global team and gain insight from global thought leaders

  • Access world-class content from the comfort of your desk 

  • Engage in a global dialogue about gender diversity

How do online events work?

Much like the real world experience, online events provide a platform for thought leaders and trainers to provide practical insight and leadership advice to a targeted audience. Delivered through a series of webinars that are positioned during different times of the day to allow a global audience to access them, each webinar allows for Q&A best viewed together by teams to enable them to get the most out of the experience.

Advantages include:
  • Global access: global teams have the ability to learn from global thought leaders

  • Inclusion: everyone is able to participate, no matter where you are based

  • Live Q&A: made available for attendees to interact real time on all topics

  • Continued learning: Webinars will remain available for a set period of time so everyone can access them

A group enjoying an online event



Session 1: Paying It Forward


‘Paying it forward’ describes when the recipient of an act of kindness or support does something supportive for someone else, rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed.

In today’s world, we are all much more conscious of creating a level playing field on which both men and women can succeed in the workplace.  But often, when we get right down to the nub of someone’s success, be they male or female, they have had help from all sorts of people to move forward in their careers. 

Whatever level you are at in your organisation, you can be a player on the field of Gender Equality by paying it forward.  As a leader, it is an important part of your role.

This webinar will look at some practical steps you can take to respond to the help and support you have had on your career path, by learning how to pay it forward.

Trainer: Pippa Isbell, everywoman Trainer

Session 2: Entertainment Thinking


Everybody is in the entertainment business now, but not everybody knows it yet. If you’re starting a big change or transformation in your organisation, the difference between success and failure is down to one thing: engagement. In this session, Torie explains why if you want to engage your customers or your employees, you need to start thinking like an entertainer. In this interactive 

  • Why engagement levels are falling across the world
  • How to understand your ‘audience’; what they like, what they hate
  • How to create the culture your colleagues have always wanted

Trainer: Dr. Torie Chilcott, Co-Founder, Paddle Consulting

Session 3: Global Thought Leader Panel Discussion: Practical Advice for Advancing and/or Pivoting your Career


In this thought-provoking session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from a panel of exceptional women who will share their advice for designing the career you want – be this through advancement, pivoting or finding your unique niche. There will also be time for a snapshot of their key lessons learned and an open Q&A.

Moderators: Karen Gill MBE and Maxine Benson MBE, Co-Founders, everywoman
Sophie Chandauka, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
Naomi Begum-Inglis, Managing Director, Accenture

Session 4: Inspirational Role Model: My Career Journey


Session 5: Nudges


This session will show you how to take action individually to make steps in the right direction and create change. Indeed it shows you how to practically enact this year’s IWD theme – Each for Equal.

‘Nudges’ speaks to how to become a player to inclusion and how to spot the microaggressions that sometimes become a barrier.

Trainer: Des Cristofi, everywoman Trainer 

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