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As the NatWest everywoman Awards marks its 15th anniversary of celebrating female entrepreneurs, hear first-hand about what it’s like being selected and taking part from past winner Helen Pattinson, Founder of Montezuma's Chocolates.


Helen's Nomination Highlights

Tob title: Co-founder & Director, Montezuma's Chocolate

2013 NatWest everywoman Award winner

  • In 1999 bored of the rat race,  Helen quit her high-powered solicitor job, sold her home and traveled to South America with her husband for a year long trip.
  • During her trip Helen and her husband are inspired by Argentina’s array of sweet shops and cocoa growers in Venezuela and returned to UK fuelled up to create country’s first specialty chocolatier business, opening their first store in Brighton.
  • By 2013 Montezuma's was selling its products in five branded stores as well as through John Lewis, Waitrose, Liberty, moonpig.com and more than 2000 independent fine food retailers in the UK and overseas.



"I was really proud of my award [...] everywoman have been fantastic about boosting my profile and getting me into relevant press and that's really important [...] when you're selling a consumer product"




Helen's awards experience

What winning the NatWest everywoman Award did for me ...

the top three characteristics of a female entrepreneur are?


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