THE 2020 DIGITAL Everywoman of Influence

in Technology Programme

July 2020

Everywoman of Influence in Technology Programme video


Everywoman of Influence

in Technology Programme

July 2020

The 2020 Digital everywoman of Influence in Technology Programme is a programme of high level training delivered via a series of four sessions through July and August this year and designed to help further the development of credible and impactful female leaders.

The everywoman of Influence in Technology Programme was launched in 2016 following two major developments in the ‘women in business’ landscape:

  1. The independent Hampton-Alexander review set clear targets for an increase in female representation on FTSE 350 Boards, Executive Committees and their direct reports by 2020
  2. A call to action from our partner organisations such as IBM, RBS and T-Systems to develop a programme, specifically for women in technology to develop their leadership skills, provide inspiration from impactful female role models, and the platform to build their own support networks.

We have reached 2020, and the landscape of the world of work is very different, but what has not changed is the need to nurture your female leaders so that they remain committed, productive and energised to support the new direction of your organisation.  Now is the time to inject innovation, creativity and strong leadership into your technology teams through our proven format, adapted for this year to an interactive digital design.

For more information and to book your place, contact Kate Farrow, Director of Training


The digital everywoman of Influence in Technology Programme has been developed for women on the fast track to general leadership roles with the potential to become future executive female leaders.

Delegates will have been operating in a leadership role with budget and people responsibility for a minimum of 3 years.


  • Gain a better understanding of how gender differences impact leadership in the workplace.

  • Learn the transitions required to move from functional leaders to business unit or enterprise leaders.

  • Be provided with the tools to enhance your strategic and visionary thinking.

  • Identify both your own and your teams strengths and weaknesses and learn the skills required to best articulate these in different scenarios.

  • Learn how to elegantly challenge workplace microaggressions designed to exclude people from a feeling of belonging in the organisation.

We have taken into consideration the challenges that the current pandemic presents to bringing groups of people together, however there has never been a greater need to support the leadership vision of your technology divisions.  everywoman have been masters in delivering online events since 2012 and we have bought this learning to the 2020 digital everywoman of Influence in Technology Programme.


The 4 week programme ACROSS JULY AND AUGUST 2020 (1 session per week) includes:

  • Interactive training sessions delivered by everywoman experts on business leadership
  • Exposure to cutting edge concepts and theories
  • High-level programme interaction, and access to a new online network of inspirational leaders and like-minded women from the technology sector
  • An inspirational panel of female role models who will share their own unique challenges and experiences as leaders in their industry
  • Optional additional 1-2-1 coaching sessions with everywoman experts



  • SESSION 1: Leadership in challenging times - Even before the impact of the current global pandemic, ongoing change became the norm for many organisations.  Today’s leaders need not only to rise to the challenge of today but also develop the skill of anticipating and planning for what is needed tomorrow
  • SESSION 2: Leader to Executive: Paradigm Shifts - practical session including a panel discussion with inspiring female leaders sharing stories of their career journeys, and their experience of shifting mindsets.
  • SESSION 3: Idea vs Vision as a Senior Leader - 
  • SESSION 4: The Power to Persuade: Storytelling as a Leadership Skill - Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools leaders can harness to help them navigate through a multitude of leadership scenarios and one which, research has shown, women in business can find particularly challenging. 


For more information and to book your place, contact Kate Farrow, Director of Training 

Having been a leader with an unhealthy case of imposter syndrome for a few years; my experience at the 2019 Everywoman of Influence event significantly changed how I view myself and support my team. Led by 2 inspirational women who took delegates on a journey of self-discovery to truly understand their values, mission and future leadership aspirations. Today I continue to reflect on my experience with Everywoman; developing further my sense of self at work, as well as using my learnings with colleagues to support their development. It was the most valuable 2 day event I have ever attended!

Nicky Dunderdale
Director of Digital