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2020 everywoman in Insurance Forum



everywoman is pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 everywoman in Insurance Forum taking place in London on July 2nd 2019. 

This empowering event will bring together influential industry professionals who are committed to bringing about change in order to attract, develop and retain more women in the insurance industry.

The forum will offer learning and networking for female and male talent who will gain a fuller understanding of how gender diversity has a positive impact on performance, and how achieving a better gender-balanced workforce is vital for all businesses - not least those in the insurance industry.

Whilst having a strong gender mix, the insurance industry has increasingly been identified as lacking in terms of the presence of women in key leadership roles.  This forum will highlight the key successes of gender balance from female leaders in the industry, it will look at how organisations can manage the transformation that the industry is currently undergoing by addressing organisational culture, harnessing new technologies and strengthening the talent pipeline.

The forum is open to both women and men and is an ideal fit for female and male managers who are looking to develop teams or perhaps champion gender disparity in the industry.

Don’t miss the chance to connect, share and learn at this valuable event. 

Delegate passes will be available from March 2020. Register your interest to be informed when passes go on sale.

The 2020 everywoman in Insurance Forum is certified by The CPD Certification Service.

When and where
2nd July 2020

See below for last year's agenda

8.30 – 9.00am
Coffee and registration

9.05 - 9.15am

This session will also introduce you to our ‘You’re the Voice’ research initiative – a series of questions that will be put to you throughout the day for you to anonymously answer. We will present the findings of these surveys after the final session,
Karen Gill MBE & Max Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd


9:15 – 9:55am
Fireside Chat

In this open conversation, John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s, and David Howden, CEO of Hyperion, discuss industry transformation, the future of work and the role of diversity as a business driver.
David Howden, Chief Executive Officer, Hyperion Insurance Group
John Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd's

9.55 – 10.30am
Panel- Diversity and the Insurance Industry....The Journey Ahead

How does the insurance industry measure up when it comes to the gender pay gap? This panel will talk through the state of play and current gender diversity challenges specific to the industry. In this candid Q&A format, several thought leaders provide their insight into how to bridge the divide.
Chair: Lynn O’Connor, Global Inclusion & Diversity Consultant
Pauline Miller, Head of Talent Development & Inclusion, Lloyd's
Louisa Lombardo, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Europe, Eurasia and Africa, Chubb
Jim Bichard, UK Insurance Lead, PwC

10.30 – 10.50am
Keynote Speaker 

Tangy C Morgan, Senior Advisor, Bank of England

10.50 - 11.10am
Morning break

11.10 – 11.45pm
Panel – Succeeding in an Era of Transformation: Conquering Big Data, AI and New Tech Frontiers

With digital transformation a common theme across companies, the need for new types of skillsets have never been greater. There is a wealth of opportunity available for those willing to seize it if you’re fast to adapt. This panel showcases those women leading the way in insurance tech.
Chair: Lyn Grobler, Group CIO, Hyperion Insurance Group
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO & Founder, Tapoly UK
Martha Phillips, Head of Risk Management UK Operations Programmes, Aviva
Tshidi Hagan, Head of CoLab, Rainmaking Insurtech

11.45pm – 12.25pm
The Art of the Possible: Defying Stereotypes and Preconceptions through Inclusion

Pre-conceived ideas of women could have stopped many of our role models being who they were. We are all part of the movement to dispel limiting stereotypes but how do you practice inclusivity yourself?
Melanie Eusebe, Founder, The Black British Business Awards


12.25 - 13.00pm
Panel – The Business Value of Diversity – Harnessing your Network and Maximising Investor/Client Relationships

Diversity is no longer a nice to have – increasingly clients and investors take the diversity of a company’s workforce into consideration when choosing who to do business with. In addition, cross-company diversity initiatives allow for informal networking and best practice sharing within the wider industry. This unique session brings together insurance, client side and investor perspectives to give wider insight into business considerations and provide practical tips on how to make the most of this focus on diversity.
Moderator: Max Benson MBE, Co-Founder, Everywoman Ltd
John Bernstein, Partner, Generation Investment Management
Dr Signe Michel, Director, CDPQ
Clem Booth, Chairman, DUAL




14.00 – 14.20pm
Unconscious gender bias in the Insurance Industry

This session will look at how you can better develop an awareness of your own unconscious bias and its impact on your day to day practices such as recruitment, decision making and team dynamics.
Katherine Bryant, The Progress Partnership


14.20 -14.50pm
Panel- Managing the Speed of Change: Vital Leadership Skills in the 21st Century

In an environment where change remains the constant, leading a team effectively requires a range of qualities and competencies. In this session, leaders discuss the keys to impactful leadership.
Chair: Barbara Schönhofer, Founder, The Insurance Supper Club
Sima Ruparelia, Chief Actuary - EMEA, AIG
Pamela Thomson-Hall, CEO, CEEMEA, Willis Towers Watson
Lyn Grobler, Group CIO, Hyperion Insurance Group
Claire McDonald, Managing Director, HDI Global SE – UK and Ireland

14.50 - 15.10pm
Afternoon break


15.10 - 16.10pm
Power Hour Session 1 – Owning the Room

This workshop will help you uncover the secrets of confidence, control and charisma- how to work a room (even if you're an introvert) and connect with people quickly and effectively.
Jodi Goldman, Jodi Goldman Ltd


16.10 – 17.10pm
Power House Session 2 – Your Authentic Self – Introverts/Extroverts

This workshop will help you identify whether you are an introvert or extrovert as well as recognise your strengths and growth areas, shining a spotlight on how to develop these.
Lucy Ball, Lucy Ball Consulting

17.10 - 17.25pm
You’re the Voice: Presentation of Findings

This recap session will review the data collected during the day and present it alongside findings from the 2014-19 research of The Right Conversation’s John Higgins and insight from Wharton Business Consulting. It will provide an instant view of our current attitudes to openness and transparency within our organisations, potential actions to encourage a culture of ‘speaking up and establish a baseline for future discussions across the sector.
Natalie Wharton, Founder, Wharton Business Consulting


17.25 – 17.35
Closing remarks

Karen Gill MBE & Max Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd

Networking Drinks


Lucy Ball

Lucy Ball Consulting

Jim Bichard

Insurance Leader, PwC United Kingdom

Clem Booth

Chairman, DUAL

John Bernstein

Partner, Generation Investment Management

Katherine Bryant

Founder, The Progress Partnership & Insurance Breakfast Club

Melanie Eusebe

Business Strategist & Entrepreneur

Jodi Goldman

Personal Impact Specialist

Lyn Grobler

Group CIO, Hyperion Insurance Group

Tshidi Hagan

Head of CoLab, Rainmaking InsurTech

David Howden

Chief Executive Officer, Hyperion Insurance Group

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

CEO & Founder, Tapoly

Louisa Lombardo

Head of Diversity and Inclusion Europe, Eurasia and Africa, Chubb

Claire McDonald

Managing Director, HDI Global SE – UK and Ireland

Dr Signe Michel

Director, CDPQ

Pauline Miller

Head of Talent Development and Inclusion, Lloyd’s

Tangy C. Morgan

Senior Advisor to the Bank of England

John Neal

Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd's

Lynn O’Connor

Global Inclusion & Diversity Consultant

Martha Phillips

Head of Risk Management UK Operations Programmes, Aviva

Sima Ruparelia

Chief Actuary, AIG

Barbara Schönhofer MBE

Founder, The Insurance Supper Club & Executive Chair, Schonhofer Talent Advisory and Executive Search

Pamela Thomson-Hall

CEO of CEEMEA & Managing Director for International, Willis Towers Watson

Natalie Wharton

Founder, Wharton Business Consulting
Partners & sponsors
Partners & Sponsors

Host Partner

Insurance has a diversity problem.  There’s no arguing this. There’s also no arguing that companies with diverse workforces – providing diversity of thought – do better.  The results show it. If our people do better, our clients do better, and the communities we work in do better.  Sustainable business success is a by-product. Hyperion’s ambition is to be a great company, not just a great insurance group.  We are the fifth largest company driven by employee ownership in the UK, after John Lewis, Mott McDonald, Arup and Unipart, and that means we occupy a genuinely different position in the wider business environment as well as in the insurance industry.  The Group has always recognised that the greatest investment is the investment we make in people and, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary as a Group of 5,000 people operating in 36 territories around the world, we are stepping up that investment. We have achieved our current scale by delivering rapid growth, both organically and through acquisition.  As a result of this, we know we have plenty of work to do to improve and we are taking small but important steps to do this.  These steps include starting our partnership with Everywoman. We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with Max and the team at Everywoman to further Hyperion’s ambitions to support the advancement of women in our own business as well as to play our part in the advancement of women in the industry.  I hope that this, the inaugural Everywoman in Insurance conference, will be the beginning of something different and something that inspires real, tangible action in businesses across the industry.

Silver sponsor

At ReAssure, we are passionately committed to being an inclusive employer.  We believe that diversity can be an engine of creativity and innovation, by bringing together different perspectives. Having a diverse workforce is good for our business, but it is also fundamentally the right thing to do.  For this reason, we embrace and nurture the benefits that a diverse workforce brings and our commitment is reflected in our Employee and Leadership Values. We are proud to partner with the Everywoman in Insurance Forum.  This partnership helps to demonstrate to our ReAssure team, customers and industry peers that we are dedicated to achieving gender diversity and are investing in our female talent.  By building a culture that is truly inclusive across multiple factors we are able to embrace individual differences, collectively grow and create a supportive environment where everyone can achieve their potential. 

Silver Sponsor

HFW is proud to be sponsoring the Everywoman in Insurance Forum, the ethos of which reflects our commitment to ensuring the equality of women in HFW. Since January 2015, we have doubled the number of female partners. While we acknowledge our progress, we recognise that we must continue to identify further actions that will bring about meaningful change. With lawyers working across our integrated global network of offices, HFW’s specialist insurance & reinsurance practice is recognised as an industry leader.  Offering a comprehensive range of regulatory, corporate, claims and dispute resolution legal services to the insurance sector, including: insurance and reinsurance companies, policyholders, captives, brokers, managing agents, TPAs and service providers.

Bronze Sponsor

RPC Consulting provides actuarial and modelling services to the insurance industry using our software, Tyche, – a 'next generation' software actuarial modelling platform. Critical to our success, people are at the heart of everything we do and we want every team member to feel welcome, valued and confident they'll achieve their career objectives here. We know that enabling women to advance is a critical part of our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive business. We are proudly supporting the everywoman in Tech Forum in recognition of the challenges faced relating to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and our desire to make a difference

Distribution partner

Distribution partner

Book tickets
Book tickets

Tickets for this event will be on sale from March 2020

To be notified when tickets go on sale register your interest here, or  contact lucie@everywoman.com or call 0207 981 2587.

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Infographic: How are women in UK insurance represented in and served by their companies?

We’ve visualised some key recently released facts and figures from the ABI, to highlight why women need a dedicated forum to help them succeed to the most senior leadership roles in insurance. Check out our latest infographic below: