2020 FDM everywoman in technology Awards Finalists


Academic Award – sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group

Awarded to a woman in academia who has made an outstanding contribution to technology and science and whose work has made or has the potential to make a significant long-term impact in STEM.

Esther Rodriguez Villegas

Esther Rodriguez Villegas, Professor of Low Power Electronics, Imperial College London and Founder of Acurable

Marcelle McManus

Marcelle McManus, Professor of Energy & Environmental Engineering, University of Bath

Professor Elena Rodgriquez-Falcon

Professor Elena Rodgriquez-Falcon, President & CEO, NMITE


The One to Watch Award – sponsored by Computacenter

Awarded to a girl aged 11-18 who is actively encouraging girls to study STEM subjects at school-level.

Aoibheann Mangan

Aoibheann Mangan, Student, Mount St. Michael Claremorries

Elizaveta Sheremetyeva

Elizaveta Sheremetyeva, Student, Oxford High School GDST

Avye Couloute

Avye Couloute, Student, Surbiton High School



The Apprentice Award

Awarded to a young woman apprentice who is a game-changer and is excelling in her early career.

Akua Apeagyei

Akua Apeagyei, Engineer Apprentice, Lyst

Hannah Hargreaves

Hannah Hargreaves, Customer Experience Manager , OPENREACH

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones, Byte Business Operations Manager, Fujitsu

Lori French

Lori French, Emerging Technology Software Developer, IBM UK Ltd


Rising Star Award - sponsored by T-Systems

Awarded to a woman aged under 26 who is excelling in her technology career, making a valuable contribution to her organisation.

Agnes Firth

Agnes Firth, Senior Associate, PwC

Andreea Monu

Andreea Monu, Business Analyst, NatWest

Areefih Ghaith

Areefih Ghaith, Account Manager, CGI

Ekaterini Tasiopoulou

Ekaterini Tasiopoulou, Business Development, Europe, IBM X-Force IRIS

Heidi Thiemann

Heidi Thiemann, Director, Space Skills Alliance


Digital Star Award - sponsored by CGI

Awarded to a woman who is excelling in a digital role. This could include innovative digital content, social media, web development or developing online solutions.

Caryn Tan

Caryn Tan, Responsible AI Manager, Accenture

Lauren Mangan

Lauren Mangan, Group Director of Digital Client Experience, Hyperion

Rachelle Mills

Rachelle Mills, CEO & Co-founder, KareInn

Tara Annison

Tara Annison, Product Owner - Platform, Elliptic

Software Engineer Award – sponsored by Natwest

Awarded to a woman who has made a significant difference to the art of software engineering and has built something new, shifted the art of the possible and is moving the profession forward.

Adele Churchill

Adele Churchill, Software Engineer Lead, Capgemini

Natasha Wright

Natasha Wright, DevOps Senior Manager, Accenture

Rebecca Baker

Rebecca Baker, Senior Software Engineer, CGI

Sabrina Aubert

Sabrina Aubert, MAD Service Owner (Mobile Applications DevOps), BP International


Team Leader Award 

Awarded to a woman whose team leadership has greatly contributed to the organisation’s success and is leading a team of up to 100 employees.

Hekla Helgodottir

Hekla Helgadottir, Scrum Master, American Express

Jacqueline Nisbet

Jacqueline Nisbet, Engineering Lead, Run Service Team, Core Platforms, Lloyds Banking Group

Jane Chand

Jane Chand, Lead Product Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd

Jessica White

Jessica White, Senior Developer, Experian

Kelly Diamond

Kelly Diamond, Principal Product Manager, Sainsburys

Myra Fulton

Myra Fulton, Director of Engineering, Skyscanner

Rachael Graham

Rachael Graham, Director, CTIO Strategy and Governance, Openreach

Sara Jones

Sara Jones, Senior Manager - Mobile Enhanced Services, BT plc


Entrepreneur Award - sponsored by hyperion

Awarded to an owner/operator of a technology business whose vision and talent will inspire others to start their own technology-related venture (over 24 months old)

Carla Brown

Carla Brown, Director, Game Doctor

Colleen Wong

Colleen Wong, Founder, Techsixtyfour

Jo Wimble-Groves

Jo Wimble-Groves, Co-owner & Business Director, Active Digital



Innovator Award - sponsored by american express

Awarded to a woman designing, developing, researching, implementing or being exceptionally creative with technology in an unconventional and innovative way.

Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille, Founder & CEO, AgriLedger

Hena Jalil

Hena Jalil, IT Digital & Data, Openreach

Lucy Cooper

Lucy Cooper, Managing Director, Accenture

Rebecca Bright

Rebecca Bright MBE, Founder & Director, Therapy Box 

Sepideh Chakaveh

Sepideh Chakaveh, CEO & Founder, Pixsellar



Leader Award - sponsored by BP 

Awarded to the woman operating in a senior technology role within her organisation, leading over 100 employees and making a contribution to the strategic direction of the business.

Anna Harrigan

Anna Harrigan, Technology Consulting Senior Manager, Accenture

Debbie Street

Debbie Street, Head of Service Transition, UK&I, Fujitsu

Elena Karpathakis

Elena Karpathakis, Director, National Infrastructure, Openreach

Juliette French

Juliette French, Core Platforms Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Luisa Moisio

Luisa Moisio, R&D Programme Director, RSSB

Wendy Warham

Wendy Warham, VP Digital Transformation & Innovation, Fujitsu



Male Agent of Change Award 

Awarded to a male agent of change for their active commitment to encouraging, advancing, sponsoring or championing the progress of women working in technology.

Duncan Greenwood

Duncan Greenwood, VP & General Manager, NEMEA,  vmware

Ilker Yaman

Ilker Yaman, Head of Technology, Run the Bank, Barclays

Jamie Samaha

Jamie Samaha, Senior Vice President, Data & Services, Mastercard

Phill Wallace

Phill Wallace, Managing Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture

Rick Kelley

Rick Kelley, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions - Gaming, Facebook

Stephen Koch, Gary Ford

Stephen Koch, Managing Director - Risk Technology & Gary Ford, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan



International Inspiration Award - sponsored by SUSE

Awarded to an individual based outside of the UK, male or female, for their active commitment to encouraging, advancing, sponsoring or championing the progress of women working in technology.

Jessie Haugh

Jessie Hall, Director of Engineering, AbleGamers, from Winchester, Virginia

Janet Lawrence

Janet Lawrence, Director - Corporate Program Management Office, Experian

Izzy Obeng

Izzy Obeng, Founding Director, Foundervine

Mansata Kurang

Mansata Kurang, Founder, VR Revival